Tracking Public Health Trends using Internet search data

Our team has identified important public health trends from search data, with applications to tobacco control, mental health, HIV, and influenza surveillance, just to name a few areas. brings this research to the wider public health community by sharing inferred trends in real-time on important public health topics. As we work to develop websites to provide access to these trends, we'll make them available here.

Checkout our current public health trends:

We've also built websites for inferring valuable public health information from a variety of web and social media data sources, such as news articles and social media.

  • Tobacco Watcher: Intelligence for Tobacco Control. Tobacco Watcher is an automated surveillance system for tobacco focused media analytics. Our computers search the web in dozens of languages for news articles, and identifies each article by tobacco control topic, location, date and language to make media monitoring easier and more effective. By operating continuously in real time, Tobacco Watcher can help you stay on top of a fast changing global landscape by freely delivering and analyzing the world’s tobacco-related media.
  • Health Tweets: Follow health trends based on tracking Twitter messages. is a research platform for sharing the latest developments in mining health trends from Twitter and other social media sites. allows public health practitioners and researchers direct access to the output of the group’s data mining algorithms.